Hmmm....Where are the Pictures?

 Saturday, January 12, 2013

It has been a long time.  I've been here, there and nowhere.  But, I'm back, and, as usual, hope to blog a little bit more.

I actually do miss blogging.  It's a little bit difficult in the household in which I'm living.  My computer is in the living son was sleeping on the couch....daughter's bedroom is right around the corner.  Five people in a small house with one bathroom leads to some cramped quarters and limited access...if you know what I mean!!

So, in the time I've been away:

Lydia has turned three!!  I'm trying to add a picture from my computer, but I just can't seem to figure out this new set-up!!    Hmmm.....this says I should be able to choose a file, which is what I want to do....choose a file from my computer. 

Instead, I'm receiving something that says select file from a url, etc. 

For today, we'll have to go without pictures until this figures itself out!!

Christ-mas has come and gone....New Year's has come and gone.  We've had some snow (again wanted to post a picture!). 

I've made several projects.....and no, they are not unfinished....completed and given away.

There are several projects in the works...just as I'm still and always will be an unfinished project as long as I am on this earth.     (Again....more pictures that I don't know how to upload).

This is the beginning....the beginning of the story of the rest of my life.

Stay tuned.....I'm going to try to be back at least 3 days a week....and hopefully, I'll be able to add some pictures.

If anyone can help me in this, I would appreciate it!!

That's it for today!!



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